We offer a broad range of fund strategies with varying risk-vs-return profiles. These fundamentally driven strategies range from highly liquid strategies targeting returns of Libor/Euribor + 2% to illiquid special situation strategies targeting returns in excess of 20% IRR.

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Pearl Diver Capital is a boutique asset manager, regulated and authorized by the FCA. We are specialists in Securitised Products, offering institutional investors access to US and European corporate credits, in a structured format, through investments in CLO tranches. The team brings on board established track record in generating alpha through creation and trading of US and European CLO portfolios.

For larger institutional investors, the securitised products market continues to represent a significant opportunity to participate in the credit markets within definable risk/return parameters. This market represents a vast opportunity that can fit profitably with the varied risk/return profiles and portfolio diversification requirements of investors.

However, the asset class is complex and participants must be experienced, diligent, and discriminating. We believe only a few are currently equipped and poised to find and capture alpha across the global spectrum of securitised products. Whether the conditions are volatile or stable, our years of structuring and fundamental credit experience, and our focused risk-management skills enable us to be among those few.